Seasons in Joseph’s Life: Part 10

Times of Transition

Joseph went house to house at the timing of God and there was a transition time that took place. For us in our lives and seasons, we have times of transition as well and need to become familiar with this process so that we can learn from God and flow with Him during times of transition.

Various ways that God brings transition into our life

  1. Many times in transition, there are negative things that happen. God can use those negative experiences to bring about a positive change.

The lord used the unexpected accusation from Potiphar’s wife to sever Joseph from his comfortable position in order to push him forward into his next season.

Almost always, God will use people in the negative process. Be forgiving and flexible. Learn to see God working through these experiences.

The positive outcome depends upon your attitude about the negative. Romans 8:28

Be mature in your attitudes regarding negativity.

Do not fight change. Be flexible. Be like the palm tree in the strong windstorm.

Other ways that God moves to bring transition

  1. Sometimes God removes desire from your heart. He may remove the burden to carry on in the current season you are in.
  2. New door of opportunity that is seen which brings a new desire.
  3. Direct word from the Holy Spirit. Acts 13:1-4
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